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Wiring Your Computer

To use the Tactile12000 to mix for an audience, you need to wire your computer to both an amplifier and headphones. If you have only one sound card, you must wire the right channel to the amplifier and the left channel to your headphones. You can get cables which split the signal and provide plugs for your headphones at a Radio Shack-type of store. The cables you need depend on what sort of plugs and audio equipment you have.

If you have a real mixer, you can connect the output of your sound card to a channel in the mixer (use a stereo mini-jack to RCA plugs). You can hear the cue channel from the Tactile12000 by plugging your headphones into the mixer and listening through the left earpiece. You then have to split the output of the mixer, plugging in a mono RCA plug into the right output of the mixer, and split it into two channels to your amplifier. You may be able to do a similar thing with a tape deck, depending on its inputs and outputs.

If you have two sound cards on Windows, you can use one for cueing and one for the main output. Make sure you have DirectSound drivers for both cards. You can specify which card is used for which output in the Options dialog.

Due to lack of OS/driver support, we have not been able to support using four-channel sound cards, nor using multiple sound cards on the Macintosh.