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Here is a list of known bugs in version 2.1.

  • occasional crash after closing help (seen on Windows NT)
  • system warning 'you won't be able to save file' when opening MP3 files directly from a CD
  • there may be playback glitches if you try to play multiple simultaneous files from CD, especially if your CD-ROM drive is slow
  • sound may drop out while opening the file dialog or performing other file operations, especially on the Mac and older computers
  • (Mac) Some users have reported a system freeze when starting up the Tactile12000. We have not been able to reproduce the problem on any of our development Macs. If you have this problem, please report it with as much information as you can about your Mac configuration. It would appear to be a conflict with some hardware or system extensions.
  • (Mac) Some users report that SoundJam-created MP3 files cannot be loaded. On the Mac, the Tactile12000 uses QuickTime to read MP3 files. It appears QuickTime 4.0 does not support some variations of MP3 (i.e., SoundJam). Solution: Upgrading to QuickTime 4.1 seems to work.
  • (Mac) Under certain circumstances, using Command-Q to quit the Tactile12000 brings up a series of alert windows with messages such as "Unknown property 'state', " or "Index out of Range". The workaround is to quit using the menu or to use the Quit button in the lower right of the screen.

Report a Bug

If you discover a bug not listed here, please report it using the bug tracking system on SourceForge. We will try to reproduce the problem and address it in a future release. You might also want to check the developers' forum for the Tactile12000 on SourceForge.

Please include the steps to reproduce the problem, being as descriptive as possible. If you do not provide enough information, the bug cannot be fixed. For example, "it doesn't work" isn't enough. If a basic feature don't work, it is probably something specific to your computer configuration, so you must include all information about your system that might be relevant.


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