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Tactile12000 news

Tactile1800 for IOS now on the App Store!

21 April 2018 - Now available for your iPhone or iPad, please try it for free and send us feedback.

Get it on the App Store


Coming soon! Tactile1800 for IOS

19 March 2018 - We're resurrecting this as a one-turntable app for your iPhone or iPad, to be released for iOS this spring.

More info at


OS X Beta release

24 December 2002 - A beta version of the Tactile12000 2.1 is now available. It should have the same features as the Mac OS 9 version. Please report any problems to the Sourceforge site.


Version 2.1.1 patch released for Windows

16 June 2001 - a 2.1.1 release was made for Windows only to fix a Windows memory leak bug. If you already have version 2.1, you should only download the update if you are having problems with running out of memory.


Voluntary Contributions now accepted

14 June 2001 - To help defray the development costs and continuing expenses for the Tactile12000, we have signed up with the Amazon Honor System to collect donations for it. Though the software is free, it has taken a substantial amount of development time, as well as software and bandwidth costs, to create. Though it is now open source, the current version, 2.1, was developed entirely at the time and expense of Tactile Pictures. Donations will help us allocate more time to continue to enhance the software and to try to implement the features people have been requesting.

Click on this link to make a voluntary contribution.


Version 2.1 released

16 March 2001 - Version 2.1 of the Tactile12000 is now available. This version incorporates some bug fixes and adds support for multiple sound cards on Windows. This version is completely free. More details can be viewed on the version history page.

Finally, the 2.1 version is an open source project. More information is available in the developers section of this site.


Tactile12000 in Mixmag

There's a story on MP3 DJing and the Tactile12000 in the March issue of Mixmag - here's an excerpt from it.