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version history

16 June 2001 - release 2.1.1 (Windows)

  • Fixed a Windows-only memory leak associated with the MP3 file reader; some memory was not being freed when finished with using an MP3 file. This problem only occurred on Windows and did not require a new Macintosh release.

12 March 2001 - release 2.1

  • Fixed some problems with multiple sound card support (intermittent lost audio, improved synchronization, optimized performance)
  • Updated help with new keyboard shortcuts, developers' info.
  • Upgraded to XAudio SDK 3.2.8c
  • When song finishes, tonearm stays at end of record and platter continues spinning
  • fix operation of 'back' button on exit screen
  • assembled open-source SDKs
  • set up CVS source control on SourceForge
  • distributed with external casts and Xtras to make patching easier

24 December 2000 - release 2.1, beta 1
New features and bug fixes:

  • Windows: support for multiple sound cards. This support is still being tested and optimized and might not be well synchronized on particular combinations of sound cards.
  • Windows: switch output to mono if only one card is being used for cue
  • added options dialog on Windows
  • added scroll thumb to playlist dialog
  • additional key shortcuts added
  • Mac version no longer checks for ".m3u" file extension for playlists
  • Mac version no longer processes key events when in the background
  • registration and expiration code removed
  • sound plugin converted from C to C++

1 November 1999 (v2.0) - this production release adds the following features:

  • pitch bend buttons and key shortcuts
  • cue point buttons and key shortcuts
  • online help
  • registration system
  • Windows InstallShield installer
  • import and export of .m3u playlists
  • support for multiple-selection in playlist dialog

It also fixes the following bugs, plus some other minor ones:

  • On Windows, the playback time for AIFF files was computed incorrectly
  • On Windows, it was possible to rewind a track beyond its beginning and resulting in both audio and graphics glitches.
  • Full song info displayed in playlist dialog (if available)
  • keyboard input on the Mac was unresponsive
  • crash when using autoMix with AIFF fileson Windows
  • using ctrl-. (period) on Windows exits the application; changed key shortcut for increasing the pitch of the right turntable to ctrl-/ (slash)
  • alert for invalid file formats would generate a system sound; changed this warning to a "silent" alert.

6 September 1999 (b42) - changes the expiration system to a sixty-day time limit, instead of expiring on a fixed date. Other bug fixes are very minor.

29 July 1999 (b41) - first preview/beta release.