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Mixmag: March 2001

Decks Are Dead: Long Live MP3s

Stick your Technics - DJing with MP3s on a laptop is the future, says Jake Barnes

Having spent eight hours DJing at a New Year's Eve party on an Apple iBook, I think I've seen the future. I'd never spun on real decks before, yet here I was, cutting and fading like pro (well, almost). Best of all, there were no cases of vinyl to lug about.

I just turned up with a hard disk full of MP3 tracks and a tiny piece of software called Tactile12000 ( I simply plugged 'the book' into the amp and got the party going. I even showed people some photos on the desktop while I was in the mix. You can't do that on 1210s, can ya?

(read the full article in the March issue of Mixmag)

Photo: Giles